New site on Stylegala

This site has been put up on Stylegala and is currently number 4 in the voting. Nice one.

Not the best write up i’ve ever had, but the comments back are good and has made me think about altering a couple of things.

  • The write up is right in that the menu is a little old-hat. I think this needs to change. Maybe into tabs. Not sure yet.
  • The design needs some finesse. Some spit and polish. But i’ve got a solid base now on which to add that - I know I won’t be polishing a turd.
  • There are some issues, as highlighted, with navigating within the portfolio section. This section has a linear navigational model rather than multi-level, like the rest of the site. Needs some work to make it more usable I guess. I’ll have a think about that.

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