New iMac

Apple released the new iMac yesterday. Not so much a bold step in design but a chunky one. The computer is now housed behind the screen with the cd being slot-loaded from the side. They’ve squished it all down to 2 inches wide. So far, so good.

New G5 iMac

Apple have pretty generally always been good at design. From the days of the K2 case right up until now (although the new ipod buttons suck). I think they’ve been listening to much to their internal design department, than to their customers. Let me explain…

The lampshade iMac had all the characteristics of a well designed car. It had clean lines, almost under-designed functionality, but a personality and it purred under the bonnet. The new design is top-heavy (it does look like it might fall over any minute), it doesn’t tilt to any angle you want it to, unlike the old imac which is simply wonderful to use. I don’t like this new one. I may have to have a closer look at it before I finally come to my decision about it but I think the only good thing is it’s a G5, and therefore rather quick (oh, and the faster frontside bus).

At least they’ll be loads of lampshade G4 iMacs around which may be a bit cheaper!

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