Monday morning CSS goodness

A few new CSS things to look at this fine morning (all courtesy of email being down - I like monday mornings like this one)
Some nice new sites, some of which are minging though. I really don’t get the whole rich, wallpaper background image, looks like the smoking room in ‘The Butchers’, design thing. It’s not big or clever. I’m talking about

It turns out CSS Vault is either a. Not going to be here soon or b. Going to be run by people outside of the 9rules network. Shame. Although I can see his point.

Version 2 is a great idea. I think after the wedding i’m going to enter this competition, I think i’d have a good chance of getting somewhere.
Similar to CSS Vault. highlights for me - This is great. Purely typographic. Design like a newspaper. I bit down and dirty with the CSS, with a few bugs, but otherwise really nice.