London and the Vault

In less than an hour i’ll be getting in my car, with my wife, and off to visit friends in London. Really looking forward to it. It’ll be just over three years since i’ve been to London properly after living there for a few years, so visiting old haunts will be nice.

Another note. I’m chuffed to bits that i’ve finally made it into the CSS Vault. Thanks go to Mark for the submission.

On to the London thing again. I am thinking of dragging the wife, and chums, to the Design Museum whilst we’re there as we never really did much of the museums when we lived there. The Tate may be on the cards as well, that kind of depends what exhibitions are on at moment.

Of course there will be a visit to the Apple Store and possibly a purchase (my ears have been complaining of late because of the unforgiving iPod earphones. Some of those squidgy ones may be in order)

So, anyone got any ideas? Where can I go at the weekend? (that is of course assuming the friends, and wife, want to come with me!)

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