I’ve only gone and done it

1.8GHz 17-inch iMac


1GB Ram

After justifying it to myself, wife, friends and colleagues, i’ve ordered a new iMac.


Update 2 - 7th oct, 10.10am: Apparently one has been allocated from stock for me and it should be in next Tuesday. Thing is, as always, it’s down to me to badger the shop to give me an indication of progress, not the other way round. I still think they’re not quite telling the truth though.

Update - 7th oct, 9.15am: And so it begins. After ordering the iMac yesterday I was assured the items would now be on order and shipped if they were in stock (which they were). After ringing to pay this morning, they are now saying “let’s get it in the shop first, and we’ll take it from there”. I asked how long that would take, the bloke said it could be three weeks! Now, this is where it begins going wrong.

A word of advice for anybody who has customers - Don’t lie to secure a sale then fail to deliver, it sucks.


During lunchtime I thought i’d pop up to the local Apple Centre in Cardiff to see what the new iMac looked like. I have to say they are nice. Very nice.

After hearing about Apple’s shipping difficulties in the UK I was resigned to them not being available for weeks and weeks. However, the conversation with the salesmen went something like this…

“Hi, can I help at all?” said the saleman (who’s name was Dave)

“Hello, i’m interested in having a look at these” I said, pointing at the new iMacs on display

“Ah, aren’t they great?”

“Yep, very nice. Shame Apple can’t build them fast enough. what’s the wait on these now, two months?” I said, resigned to a long, long wait.

“No, not at all, we have, or rather had, 40 in stock. Let me ring head office...”

Dave returns

“We have two 17 inch 1.8 gig models left. If you were to order one now, you could have it here by Tuesday”

“I’ll take one”

That was it. So, i overheard the conversation with head office and they did in fact have two left. He processed the order and kept saying I should have it here by Tuesday next week. Thing is, I don’t know if I believe him. Having been let down by deliveries and ordering so, so many times now, i’m resigned to it all screwing up and taking weeks and weeks.

We’ll see.

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