I’m back!

Well, it took three days but markboulton.co.uk is back and working. Phew. I just hate the uncertainty of changing hosting providers. So much hassle for such a little thing. I’m currently changing a domain for a client of mine over to Dreamhost from BT. What a saga that is turning out to be.

Firstly everytime I speak to BT I get a different answer and speak to a different person. Secondly the DNS team, who I need to talk to, aren’t a “customer facing” department, so I have to talk to someone who clearly hasn’t got a clue what i’m talking about.

All I want to do is transfer a .com domain. That’s it. You’d think it was something they’d do everyday. The last time estimate I got from BT for changing the domain was 30 days! 30 days! I then lost my rag with the bloke on the phone. True, it’s not his fault blah, blah, blah but this shouldn’t be this painful.

Anyway, once again the ball is in their court as I’ve requested they unlock the domain so Dreamhost can pick it up. Why have I got a nagging feeling that this may prove difficult for them…

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