Hot in Malaysia

Well here I am, sitting at an iMac, it’s 6.45pm and still 80 degrees. Malaysia is very nice indeed or should I say this hotel is very nice indeed.

The wedding was great, the reception was great, and no doubt the presents will be great when we get back from a great honeymoon. The new Snooch site has been bubbling away in the background and this time away has helped me cement a few ideas.

Stopdesign has been redesigned and it’s funny how similar Dougs redesign, I mean the core message and IA, mirrors my ideas for Snooch - Ie, less importance on Blog and more importance on Portfolio. Also Articles and Speaking dates feature highly too. Not sure what the graphic design will be just yet, but I want this to be the last redesign I do for a while as i’ve got loads of content to plugh into MovableType so it’s in a form I can use in the future. Hopefully the winning plugin in the MT plugin competition will take the form of a easy way to add fields to an entry. We’ll see.

Anyhow, i’m alive and well in Malaysia. Enjoying the sun and being a Husband.