Five Simple Steps. Available 2nd February, 2009

A long time ago, two years ago in fact, I sort of announced I’d have a book ready the other side of Christmas. Ha! Embarrassingly, that deadline came and went as life, and work, got in the way. And, writing a book, especially a self-published book it turns out, is incredibly difficult. But, a few months ago, this project has had new life breathed into it, and I’m pleased to say, the book will be available on February 2nd 2009 in PDF format.

Not much has changed

During the last two years, the basic concept of the book hasn’t changed, even though the web has. This book is about practical graphic design theory, and how you can apply it to the web. As I said back in 2006 (!)

Like my Five Simple Steps articles, the book will be based on five steps you can work on to improve your design. These vary from very short and simple things like how to set a list correctly, to how to design a complex, modular grid system. They’re not meant to be a complete design lesson in the varying fields. More like a refresher for those people who have design schooling and a brief, practical lesson for those who don’t.

There’s a new website

We have a new website for the book: The release version of the site was beautifully built by Steven Teerlinck using the Codeigniter framework. There’s some clever stuff in there for me to manage sending coupons, timed discounts (eg a christmas sale period), and automated PDF licence encoding.

The new Five Simple Steps book website

I’m going to be blogging about it a little bit as I go, but mostly, you can follow the progress on Flickr, and Twitter.

Will there be a physical book?

Over the past two years, and more recently, this question has been asked a lot. The short answer is yes, but it kind of depends on sales. I’d like to produce a really special, beautiful limited edition hardback. But, the thing is, it’s a considerable investment for even a run of 1000. That’s not including storage and fulfilment. The plan is to have the PDF available through Lulu for those who want it, but, as it’s a full colour book, it probably won’t be that cheap.

So, yes, I hope there will be a hardback. I can’t wait to design a real, physical book again.

Can I still use my money-off voucher?

Yes you can. You’ll be emailed a unique code a few hours before the release of the book.

So, that’s it. The project is not dead, it’s very alive and I’m working feverishly to get it released in 9 weeks time. No doubt I’ll blog about it nearer the time anyway. 

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