Ecto version 2 beta

Following a link from Jon Hicks, Ecto 2 beta has been released, in fact i’m posting this entry on it.

I’ve been using Ecto for a while now (ever since it was called Kung Log) to quickly post to this site. Quick, efficient and cheap and intergrates seamlessly with MovableType. In fact I rarely delve in the MT interface on a daily basis as Ecto is installed on my machine at work.

So, what’s changed in version 2? Quite a bit actually. Some of it good, some of it strange.

The overall application is based around two windows, one which shows your entries from different blogs, here you can click to edit existing posts or post new one’s. This then launches a second window which is all the stuff you need for an entry. Not much change between versions here apart from a WYSIAWYG editor which produces some simplistic formatting. The major change is where uploads are concerned. Version 1 had a separate palette for uploading images (several at a time if need be) and they were uploaded independently of the post. In this version uploads are dealt with as an attachment. This works in a similar way to email.

Uploading a file in Ecto 2 public beta

So far so good. Now comes the strange bit.

Once you’ve uploaded (or attached) an image, Ecto includes the code within your post. You then have to click anywhere within that code to edit the attachments options. I found all of this very strange from a UI point of view. This works well however when you’re in the WYSIWYG mode, but not in the code mode.

Editing an images properties in Ecto 2 public beta

There are also some bugs, as expecting in a beta version, which means you have to manually change the dimensions of the image in upload palette, just enough to be annoying.

Overall though a really good improvement to the software, just enough tweaks to make it easier to use, although the file uploading is now a bit odd.

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