Dungeon Master - 18 years on…

{title}A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across the Dungeon Master Encyclopedia site whilst randomly surfing. It brought back some good memories of being completely hooked on this game when I was about 15 (16 years ago now). Whilst having a look through this site I noticed, to my delight, there was an OS X download. With great anticipation, tinged with “am I going to regret this?”, I downloaded the app.

i’m now hooked. Again.

{title}Dungeon Master is just such a classic. If you’ve not played it before you probably won’t fully comprehend when i’m so enthusiastic about the game. It is pretty much perfect, in the same way Pacman is perfect - the gameplay is everything. Even when this was released, in 1987, the graphics weren’t all that great at all.

I had an Amiga, so my Atari ST owning friends were goign about this game for a couple of years before I could get my hands on it. When I did, I pretty much kissed goodbye to a couple of months of my life. Even now, when playing the game, I still remember the UI really well, or is it because the UI is so incredibly intuitive? The only stumbling block for me at the moment is the spells - I can only rememebr Health potion, Light and Fireball (note to self: print out spell list)

{title}So, maybe it’s just me, but discovering and enjoying this game after soooo many years is really refreshing.

Who else played this? Was is really the most talked about computer game for a while?