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Weeknotes 12

A week note in which I talk about improvements to this website, a very efficient taxi service from Cowbridge on the weekend, and a cycling injury :(

Weeknotes 15

The monthly trip to Heidelberg, a couple of films, dodging ill people, familiarising myself with horrible things like risk registers.

Weeknote 21

Fixed a MacBook. Fixed a light. Went to New Adventures. Finally, after about 15 years, documented some work and published it on this website.

Weeknote 22

A week in Germany.

Weeknote 23

Weeknote 24

Mostly about Coronavirus and my last trip to Heidelberg.

Weeknote 25

The week after Germany. Things are getting serious now. Schools out. A week to myself and nothing but a head of wasps for company.

Weeknote 26

Weeknote 27

Weeknote 28

Weeknote 29

Weeknote 30

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