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SXSW: Traditional Design and New Technology


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A week in Perth

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This past month

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OS X theme for a Sony Ericsson k800i

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That was 2006

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Twitter didn’t eat my blogging, 2007 did

Sir Edmund Hillary: 1919 - 2008

Start Your Own Business

Ten Crimes Against Web Typography (and how to avoid them)

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Alys Rose Boulton

Don’t screw with conventions

Why have a chair when you could have a Sumo

White Screen Of Death

The Personal Cost of Designing on Spec

New Drop Caps

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Two Thousand and Ten

Saying No

Steve Jobs

Being Together

White, Yellow, Orange, Red


Ideas Of March

Doing less

Dirty Hands



A New Canon

Two Thousand and Twelve

Shorter Long Form

Change your mind

A Child's Phone Contract

Our eldest daughter is soon moving to secondary school a short bus journey away from our house. Many of her friends already own and use phones regularly. For a while, Emma and I have resisted but as she will be making her way to the school independently, for her safety and our piece of mind, we thought a phone would be a good idea.

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