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Design In Flight - Issue 4

TW05 Web Designer of the year 2005

9Rules Network

Bloody Amazon

Getting geekier by the minute

Life with a ‘Slug’

Live search ‘public beta’

Atmedia time

Probably the last to talk about @media

Design, CSS and bandwidth theft UPDATE

Normal service will be resumed shortly

Getting a rise out of me

Now with ‘zoom’ layout

We’re safe

Hitting the ground running - an update

Here, there and everywhere

Emigr? calls it a day

The ExpressionEngine $15,000 shootout!

SXSW: Traditional Design and New Technology

Parting company from 9rules

Flow: A money manager for freelancers and small businesses

A couple of books

Drupal 7 Redesign

Announcing Project Verity

The book I wish I'd read ten years ago

The 24 Ways 2010 Annual

Want to be our Apprentice?

The Icon Handbook by Jon Hicks

Wanted: Web Designer

A Practical Guide to Web App Success

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