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I got back from a great holiday in Italy on Sunday. Despite there being no snow (which is pretty crucial to snowboarding), we both had a great time and no broken bones this time!

I was informed yesterday by a friend of mine that Bloglines isn’t reading my RSS feeds correctly. Odd, because my RSS reader app is working fine. But doing some digging around on the EE forums it seems that my hosting provider (Dreamhost) doesn’t serve it’s default php files as UTF-8, but in a different format. I’m therefore getting a mismatch on the feeds and Bloglines is unhappy with it.

I’ve tried adding the suggested code to my .htaccess file AddCharset UTF-8 .php but this still isn’t working. It must be something to do with my host as the last entry Bloglines can read is the one just before I changed server.

So, is anyone using Bloglines having the same problem? More importantly, anyone fixed it?

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