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Saving the Spark: Developing Creative Ideas
For most of us, ideas have to be squeezed out of us every day. To stand up to this challenge, you need to arm yourself with some good tools.
Sometimes, as in web design, it’s difficult to add whitespace because of content requirements. Newspapers often deal with this by setting their body content in a light typeface with plenty of whitespace within and around the characters.

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Looking At Type
Have you ever been somewhere where you couldn’t speak the local language? Surrounded by signage, newspapers, shop fronts - everywhere you look there are letters, but you don’t understand what they mean. It’s even worse if they’re not Roman characters.A couple of years ago, on my honeymoon in Thailand, I was astounded by the myriad of typographic design styles. Not only was it a language I didn’t understand, the letterforms, to my eye, were little more than squiggles. Yet somehow I was often able to understand the meaning of some signs. How? Good typography, that’s how.

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Designing for Web 2.0: "It Will Be About People"

Print media CSS: The Guardian example

{title}Print media stylesheets are rarely used by text-heavy websites to present their content in the best possible way for when users press the print button.

This example of The Guardian uses a rebuilt web standards template to present the existing design for the screen. The print media stylesheet however presents the content more inline with the Guardian newspaper rather than the website.

View the example or see the related article in the Journal.