Alas, no SXSW for me :-(

Last year I was fortunate enough to go to SXSW representing the BBC. It was a great trip (although the Texans didn’t quite grasp tea - no offense but it really wasn’t good).

As most of you are aware, SXSW Interactive kicks off tomorrow with some fantastic panels. You may detect that i’m a bit gutted i’m not attending this year, and you’d be absolutely right. I am however going to @media in London in June, which does look very promising.

So, now to the real reason for this post, which is:


p> Last year there were many of the panelists giving details of slides which were presented and even ram files which would be downloadable after the event. Here’s the questions:

  • Does anyone know of any blogs which are specifically documenting some of the design and CSS panels?
  • Are any of them streamed?
  • Any audio/video at all anywhere?

Do I sound desperate enough? It does give you an indication as to how much I got out of it last year - it’s a very, very good event.