Mark Boulton


Me, me, me. I’m a graphic designer living in South Wales, UK with my wife and daughter. I currently run a small design studio, Mark Boulton Design, where we work with clients such as ESPN, Warner Bros, BBC, British Energy and Drupal. In the past, I worked for the BBC and designing wonderful experiences for all manner of clients and people across the world. I also run a small publishing imprint, Five Simple Steps, where we publish practical design books for the web community. About this site I’ve used many, many free and open source, or low-priced content management systems and blog software over the years. This site–once upon a time–started out a custom PHP thing I’d cobbled together. It quickly changed to Movable Type before finally settling on Expression Engine in 2005. Now, four years later, I thought it was time to review what was out there that would best suit my needs. With my relationship with Drupal, that was always going to be a contender. Expression Engine was like some comfortable, old slippers. But, Wordpress was whispering sweet nothings in my ear all the while. You see, this site is now just a blog. before, I had…