About me

I'm a graphic designer living in South Wales with my wife and two daughters.

Mark Boulton Portrait

Photo credit: Anton Peck

I currently run a small design studio, Mark Boulton Design, where we work with clients such as ESPN, Warner Bros, BBC, British Energy and Drupal. In the past, I worked for the BBC and Agency.com designing wonderful experiences for all manner of clients and people across the world. I'm also co-founder of small publishing imprint, Five Simple Steps, where we publish practical design books for the web community.

About this site

This site is a weblog. A chronological diary for me to capture thoughts, messages, links, articles and musings. It's mine. For me. Which means if you want me to write, promote, review, or otherwise pimp your product or web site, then I'm afraid you're barking up the wrong tree.

This site uses Wordpress -- as frankly, there are fewer better blogging platforms. And Typekit does all the wonderful font stuff serving.

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