A few things of interest

Doug Bowman, of Stopdesign has gone back to the coloured version of his site (personally I liked liquid bleach). He’s added a Style-switcher, but he’s done it in a better way than those obscure, unlabelled buttons you see floating around. He’s added a preferences page where the user can choose their layout of choice and the results are cookied. Also, which is rather nice, the base text size is also cookied.

Firefox PR1.0 is out. Firefox was already a good browser in it’s beta stages. This release is simply the best browser on the mac at the moment. Very quick, stable and packed with useful functionality. This release see’s RSS being present now as Live Bookmarks, cool idea and stops me having to open my rss application to go through my feeds. If a site has RSS, a little icon appears, I bookmark it from there and that’s it!

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